Monday, February 2, 2015

Korean BBQ Jang Su for Super Bowl Sunday's Feast

I love Super Bowl Sunday Feasts... not too much into watching the football game, but the feast that comes with it... almost like Thanksgiving! Pretty close, but without the turkey.  We used to have big parties at our house, back in the day... but now, my hubs and I are content with just us n' the kids. Being that the oldest is now in college, that left just the 3 of us.  The hubby went golfing that morning, and since he was already out n' about, he offered to pick up anything that I wanted. Honestly, I wasn't really hungry!!  I was busy crafting, and working on my projects that I didn't even want to think of food.  But, I had to make a quick decision, otherwise, he would come home, and then I would have to go out.  LOL.  So I chose Korean BBQ.

Our go-to place for Korean BBQ is Jang Su located at Pearl Kai.  Plenty eateries we like over there ya??  Well, that's mostly because it's what's closes to us.  So we just make do, and find the best tasting ones on this side, and go there all the time.  Sadly, the lunch plate I selected didn't have much taste.  Could it have been because I wasn't really in the mood to eat, anyways?  I don't know.  But the Kalbi was tasteless, like the marination didn't stick or something.  The Meat Jun wasn't all that great either.  But I tell you what, it sure looked good!!  :)  I know another place here in Pearl City that make yummy Kalbi & Meat Jun.  One day I will eat there, and share with y'all how yummy it tastes. But for today... the food was meh!  Here are the pics that make them look so yummy!!!

First the embossed plate lunch container that it comes in.  So beautiful ya?  With Diamond Head and "Aloha" embossed on there. So awesome that it says that. We always take for granted the beauty of this island. Here is a reminder!!!

Spicy Pork for the hubs... he loves Spicy Pork. However, we couldn't order this as part of a mixed plate.  They wouldn't do it.  Had to order this as a side order.  Why?  I dunno. I wanted my hubby to ask.  But he's not one to talk stories with people he's picking food up from.  He just like pick up n' go!

Meat Jun plate. This was my hubby's plate.  Remember I said we couldn't get the spicy pork as part of a mixed plate?  Well, he had to order a full plate of something and Meat Jun it was.

Here's my plate. Kalbi and Meat Jun mix. Check out the Meat Jun... so little bit, ya??  Chinsy I tell you!!! I was quite disappointed with today's plate. Did I mention that already?

My son's plate. BBQ Chicken and Meat Jun.  Yes, we love our Meat Jun.  But wasn't so tasty so no need to get so excited.  Another plate that looks pretty chinsy to me.

One of my favorite part of eating Korean BBQ are the veggies they give.  They give 4 different choices of veggies.  I love the watercress, as shown here.  This was the first to go!

So that was our Super Bowl Feast.  Meh. I've tasted better from them on other days.

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