Saturday, February 7, 2015

Chicken Soup

So I caught a cold! Ugh... this is what I made... Chicken Soup.  I usually throw in a squash, thus it would've been called "Chicken Squash Soup", but totally forgot about grabbing a squash while I was at the store, because I just wanted to get in and get out and get home and get back into bed.  Symptoms, scratchy throat, runny nose, stuffy nose, foggy thinking... this usually happens when the vog comes in from the Big Island.

And here's how I made it:


  • Bonless Skinless Chicken Thighs
  • Tomatoes
  • Chinese Cabbage
  • Won Bok
  • Green Onion
  • Patis (Fish Sauce)
  • Shoyu (Soy Sauce)
  • Salt 
  • 1 Round Onion
  • Coconut Oil 1/2 teaspoon
  • Water
  1. Chop round onion into chunks
  2. Heat coconut oil in large pot
  3. Toss in chopped onion, and stir til' a little bit limpy
  4. Toss chicken pieces in... stir til' outsides are brownish
  5. Fill pot with hot water, til' about 1-1/2" above the chicken
  6. Cut tomatoes into chunks and toss in pot
  7. Bring to boil
  8. Lower heat and simmer
  9. Add Patis (to taste of your liking)
  10. Add Shoyu (to taste of your liking)
  11. Chop up cabbage pieces
  12. Toss all cabbage into pot, well, toss slowly, you don't wanna burn yourself with the water splashing out at ya! LOL!!  
  13. After veggies start getting limpy, toss in green onions. 
That's it!!  All pau... delish dish!!  Great for cold winter days or nights, and for colds period!!  Now to make me a bowl.  Eat as a soup dish, or eat over rice... I like to eat it over rice.  Can't help it, I'm Filipina!! 


Sorry for not posting for a couple of days.  After the curry meal, I felt sick the very next day, probably due to the MSG that was in the curry mix.  I'll be sure to research on a better recipe instead of a "quick fix" recipe for future meals.  Anyways, whenever I feel my body rejecting the ugliness, I need to cleanse my system, and just flush it out with some good stuff.  I usually make a juice every morning, so this is almost like a usual recipe.  Here's a look at the ingredients that I have in my juice:

Kale, Carrots, Green Apple, Lemon wedge, Celery and you can't see it, but Orange.

 I have an Omega Juicer.  There is a small opening to push your veggies and fruits through, and a tool that you can use to push them downward along the way.... I started out with pushing the Kale through...

Then celery...


Green Apples...

Lemon Wedge...

 Then last but not least, Carrots.

In the end, this is how the mixture looks all meshed together.  Now to tank it down!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Beef Curry Dinnah

Last night, I made Beef Curry for dinner.  Now, before you get all excited, I'm no expert at cooking, I just follow the directions on a recipe.  So the box of Curry mix that I purchase is the S&H brand and it says "Golden Curry" on it.  It comes in 3 levels of spicyness... I stick to the mild, cause I cannot handle hot.  You can find this at any Asian store.  Maybe even WalMart.  I actually saw this at WinCo and Uwagimaya while in Washington this past winter.  So, just ask and look around.  I am sure you'll be able to find!

On the back is the recipe and instructions on how to cook.  I've made this dish so many times already, the instructions are automatic in my head.  While at the store, you can look at the back of the box to see what ingredients you need to buy. I usually use beef.  I buy the chopped steak. If you are a label reader, you won't like what this includes.... infact upon waking up this morning, I didn't feel so well.  But I'll write about that in another post. ;o/  Let me finish up this post for y'all that can handle all that yuckiness.... LOL!

For oil, I use Organic Coconut Oil. This is a Costco (Kirkland) brand.

I cut up my veggies and prep them before turning the stove on.... round white onions...

Carrots and Potatoes....

 Now, I heat my stove, and add the Coconut Oil about 1/4 of my wooden spoon.

Add the chopped white round onions.... ho, the buggh smell nice!!  Not too many peeps can handle the fragrance that comes from chopped onions, or onions being sauteed.  I used to not be able to handle it too... but now I can.  Once in a while, there are tears, but most of the time... No MORE TEARS, baby!!!!  Stir til' a little bit brown on the edges.

Add the chopped steak, stir til' they are browned too...

I then add the Potatoes and Carrots, and add 6 cups of hot water.  Bring to boil and then let simmer for a while. Til' the meat gets soft.  While the pot is simmering, I fill my pyrex measuring cup with 2 cups of hot water (I get mines from the water dispenser, and it's "hot tea" hot), this'll help break down the powder, and make it all liquify.  The instructions says to toss the powdered blocks into the pot while it's boiling, and stir often, but every time I did that, a chunk of powder usually ends up on meat and sticks.  It isn't tasty when you put a chunk of that in your mouth... it's happened to the hubs several time.  Eeeeks!!  So to make sure it mushes well, I do this....

I then add the mix above to the pot and stir til' it starts thickening.  It was pretty quick and easy to do, and really yummy too!!  Here's my bowl of curry yumminess... poured over hapa rice.

Thanks for popping in!! ALOHA!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Korean BBQ Jang Su for Super Bowl Sunday's Feast

I love Super Bowl Sunday Feasts... not too much into watching the football game, but the feast that comes with it... almost like Thanksgiving! Pretty close, but without the turkey.  We used to have big parties at our house, back in the day... but now, my hubs and I are content with just us n' the kids. Being that the oldest is now in college, that left just the 3 of us.  The hubby went golfing that morning, and since he was already out n' about, he offered to pick up anything that I wanted. Honestly, I wasn't really hungry!!  I was busy crafting, and working on my projects that I didn't even want to think of food.  But, I had to make a quick decision, otherwise, he would come home, and then I would have to go out.  LOL.  So I chose Korean BBQ.

Our go-to place for Korean BBQ is Jang Su located at Pearl Kai.  Plenty eateries we like over there ya??  Well, that's mostly because it's what's closes to us.  So we just make do, and find the best tasting ones on this side, and go there all the time.  Sadly, the lunch plate I selected didn't have much taste.  Could it have been because I wasn't really in the mood to eat, anyways?  I don't know.  But the Kalbi was tasteless, like the marination didn't stick or something.  The Meat Jun wasn't all that great either.  But I tell you what, it sure looked good!!  :)  I know another place here in Pearl City that make yummy Kalbi & Meat Jun.  One day I will eat there, and share with y'all how yummy it tastes. But for today... the food was meh!  Here are the pics that make them look so yummy!!!

First the embossed plate lunch container that it comes in.  So beautiful ya?  With Diamond Head and "Aloha" embossed on there. So awesome that it says that. We always take for granted the beauty of this island. Here is a reminder!!!

Spicy Pork for the hubs... he loves Spicy Pork. However, we couldn't order this as part of a mixed plate.  They wouldn't do it.  Had to order this as a side order.  Why?  I dunno. I wanted my hubby to ask.  But he's not one to talk stories with people he's picking food up from.  He just like pick up n' go!

Meat Jun plate. This was my hubby's plate.  Remember I said we couldn't get the spicy pork as part of a mixed plate?  Well, he had to order a full plate of something and Meat Jun it was.

Here's my plate. Kalbi and Meat Jun mix. Check out the Meat Jun... so little bit, ya??  Chinsy I tell you!!! I was quite disappointed with today's plate. Did I mention that already?

My son's plate. BBQ Chicken and Meat Jun.  Yes, we love our Meat Jun.  But wasn't so tasty so no need to get so excited.  Another plate that looks pretty chinsy to me.

One of my favorite part of eating Korean BBQ are the veggies they give.  They give 4 different choices of veggies.  I love the watercress, as shown here.  This was the first to go!

So that was our Super Bowl Feast.  Meh. I've tasted better from them on other days.