Saturday, January 31, 2015


Today, we went to Ko'olina Lagoons.... and after the beach, we always get hungry! I suggested Tanioka's... Tanioka's it was!

Tanioka's is one of the famous deli's to get local kine grindz.  Their address is: 94-903 Farrington Highway, in Waipahu.  There is a 7-11 store right next door, and the lines there are usually SUPER long.  Today, which is a weekend, they had a security guard outside, controlling the lines, and allowing people to enter when there was enough room for people to fit.  The line moves pretty quick tho', so not to worry!!

Line goes in and around, and all along the line you are enticed with all kine goodies.  Reminds me of the manapua truck, but this place no more manapua!!! Just lots of local favorites!!!

Cash and Credit Cards accepted here!

Here's the poke choices... the prices are pretty high today, being that tomorrow is Super Bowl!!!

Poke is F-R-E-S-H Daily!!!!

Here's all the Ala Carte yummies.... My favorites to get are Lumpia, Banana Lumpia, Poi Mochi, Shrimp Tempura, Fish Patties, Fried Chicken, Garlic Chicken... the kids n' hubby like their musubi's. But Tanioka's won 2nd place for "Best Musubi's"... can you believe that 7-11 won 1st place?? Wowza, ya??

Here are the yummies we picked up:

Butter Mochi:

Poi Mochi:

Fried Rice, Shrimp Tempura, Lumpia:

Garlic Chicken & Fried Chicken:

Spam Musubi, Chicken Musubi:

Maki Sushi:

Our Spread.....

Poke from Foodland.... The Poke at Tanioka's is kinda salty for us, Foodland's Poke is pretty yummy and really hits the spot, and much more cheaper too!  The Poke we got were (bottom left to right): Shoyu Poke, Hawaiian Poke (with Kukui Nuts), Spicy Ahi Poke, Oyster Sauce Poke and Tako Poke.

Too much... Too Ono.... Too little time!!!  Now it's time to take a nap.... zZZzzzZZZzzzz..

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